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"As a professional couple, we didn't have the time to check out listings, analyze market conditions, and drive around to multiple open houses every weekend. You listened to our needs and zeroed in on homes that were of specific interest. There were no surprises, and every home you had checked out beforehand so as not to waste our time. The home  we  found is fantastic and we are very appreciative of your efforts. Cheers, and thanks!"


Rachel, Brad


"We met at your open house and really needed some expertise on Brampton, as we are Toronto in the Roncesvalles area. You took us under your wing and spent the time and found us a lovely semi in Bramalea. The process was fun and enjoyable as it should be. Thanks, Reg!"


Beata and Chris, Deloraine area


"Thanks Reg, for a great job in selling our home on Pertosa in  Brampton   for the highest price ever on the street. Your patience and professionalism paid off. We appreciated the relocation efforts in Cambridge and enjoy our new home."


Marg and Rejean


Thank you Reg  for all your  very  best  efforts  on the  sale  of  our  property  .From beginning  to end  you  serviced  our  account  professionally  and  your  sence  of  humour  at times  touched  us  . Cheers ......Alan and  Pipa

P.S. we  love  our  new  condo  on  Dayspring  overlooking  the  forest  and  all the  amenities  that  came  with it  .


Alan And Pipa


When we  met  you at your  open house  in Caledon  we were  late  and  you were  closed  but  you got  out  of  your  car  re opened and lit  up the  home  and  spent   a good  half  hour  extra  with  us  going  over the  area  .We  knew  at that time  that  you were  going  to  get the    call as our  listing  agent .As  for  your  services,  when you said  you were a  "full  service  agent  " it  was  true  in every  letter  of the  word  .We love our new  home in  Acton    !  .Terrific  job  .....


Sandra and DAvid

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